Workout with Rich Tola

From your living room to your office, Get Fit, Live Healthy, Lose Inches and Stay Zen with Rich.

LogoRich’s Top Ten “How-To” videos on

#1 – How to Burn Belly Fat & Lose Weight with a 7-Minute Interval Workout
#2 – How to Do a Handstand & Touch Your Feet to Your Head
#3 – How to Stay Active All Day
#4 – How to Do a Back Stand
#5 – How to Know Your Weight-to-Waist Ratio
#6 – How to Warm-up for Squats
#7 – How to Roll After a Jump
#8 – How to Roll on the Ground
#9 – How to Look for Yoga Teacher Trainings in Macomb County, Michigan
#10 – Yoga Shoulder Shrugs

Click the Videos below for his 5 Minute Fat Burning Workouts: 100 Workouts in 100 Days.

Lose inches with 100 different fat-burning workouts. They’re safe, effective and easy-to-follow for ANYONE of any size, age, weight or gender. Because life’ a BLVD and you gotta be ZEN.


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