Readers say book’s an “intriguing, sexy, page-turner”

Over the past six weeks readers of my new memoir, Simply Between Millions: From Wall Street to Hollywood, said my life’s been one helluva page-turning journey filled with intrigue, sex and lucrative careers – to say the least.

Of course I’d love to be reviewed by The New York Times, Los Angeles Times and San Francisco Chronicle (I’ve sent them copies), as well as any other book club or national critic. Because the proof is in the pudding – and self-promotion is quite humbling. So check it out for yourself, it’s an entertaining timeline of my life with tons of colorful and insightful – and oftentimes poignant – stories about everything from funerals and old-school Sicilian customs, to selling Junk bonds on Wall Street and The General Motors Building for The Trump Organization, to what it means to be a Yoga teacher and an actor trying to “make it” on the elusive streets of Hollywood.

Thanks for reading and enjoy! And don’t forget your daily workout – R

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A portion of all book and DVD sales is donated to my charity, The Boulevard Zen Foundation, teaching yoga to women and children living in domestic violence shelters.


2 thoughts on “Readers say book’s an “intriguing, sexy, page-turner”

  1. Rocky DaBronzo

    Rich, great job , it felt like a thirty year conversation that took place in 5 hours.The life you lived was really exciting, so happy for you that you are doing what you love, not everybody can say that! But I can, I believe anything is possible, and the impossible takes a little longer.I have faith in your ability. Great work with your charity, its a nice feeling when you are able to help people who need it. My favorite part of the book is where you are now in your life, when I think of our childhood I always smile, we were fortunate, look forward to staying in touch.

  2. Rich Tola Post author

    Thanks for sharing Rock – and the 5 hours experiencing my journey! I agree, the best is in the NOW. For any of us, so believe you can, and set your sights and try. My best – R


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